"My first experience coming to the Ascension Cathedral was an evening, and the choir wanted to meet me and they wanted to sing. As I entered the church, it was dark, no lights on, and the only light was the vigil light, the eternal light that's on the center of the altar, reflecting on the face of the Panayia. So, I walked in this church, the stillness, and seeing this light reflected on the Panayia holding the Christ Child, was just overwhelming."  ~ Rev. Father Thomas J. Paris, reflecting upon his arrival in Oakland, CA in 1971  |  September 16, 1935 - August 8, 2021

The "Greek Orthodox Divine Liturgy" In Memoriam CD featuring Rev. Father Thomas J. Paris and the Ascension Liturgical Choir of Oakland, California, was gifted to those who attended his funeral services. Originally recorded at Ascension Cathedral and produced in 1984 by Perecles "Perry" Phillips, the CD is now available via, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, and more. Proceeds to benefit Ascension's Father Thomas J. Paris Legacy Tribute. Click below to listen to excerpts and/or purchase.